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Touristic objectives

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The Justice Palaces of Constanta

Distance: 50 meters (1 minute) Few steps away from Peninsula you can find the Justice Palaces of Constanta: The Court, The Tribunal and The Appeal Court.
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Public Institutions

Distance: 100 meters (2 minutes) Near Peninsula Bistro Restaurant & Lounge are located the most important institutions of Constanta: The City Council, The City Hall and The Prefecture, all concentrated in the administrative center of the city.
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The “Modern” Beach

Distance: 400 meters (6 minutes) From Peninsula you can feel the lovely breeze and its salty smell. That means the sea and the beach are close enough! In a 5 minutes’ walking distance from Peninsula you can find one of the most beautiful beaches on the Black Sea shore: The “Modern” Beach. Rehabilitated in 2015, “Modern” is a broad beach covered with fine sand which provides the perfect spot for a day under the sun. Near the Modern Beach you can find Tomis Marina, a touristic area full of great restaurants and terraces.
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Tomis Marina

Distance: 400 meter (6 minutes) Tomis Marina is the place where you feel on holiday regardless of the season. What makes this place so special? May be the smell of the sea, the beautiful restaurants around the area, the sound of the waves, the spectacular scenery or all of them together. We don’t know for sure. What we know is that Tomis Marina attracts both tourists and locals. Don’t forget to put it on your must-visit list!
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The Casino of Constanta

Distance: 900 meters (10 minutes) The Casino of Constanta is without any doubt the symbol of the city! An impressive building which still exhale the air of its glorious times, the Casino has been standing over the Black Sea shore for more than 130 years. Its story is full of mystery, betrayal, glory, decadence and passion. Despite the advanced degradation, the Casino continues to surprise all the passers with its unique beauty. Be sure you don’t forget your camera in the hotel room! The Casino is the perfect place to take photos that will impress your friends back home.
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Ovidiu Square

Distance: 300 meters (4 minutes) The Ovidiu Square is located in the historic center of Constanta. A place ideal for relaxation, chit chats and meetings, like the ancient agora, Ovidiu Square turns lately into Constanta’s favourite place for concerts, movie projections, festivals, exhibitions and fairs. In the middle of the square sits the imposing statue of the Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso, who lived a big part of its live in Tomis (the ancient name of Constanta city).
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Carol Mosque

Distance: 500 meters (6 minutes) The Carol Mosque is the most important muslim edifice in the country and at the same time one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Romania. The Mosque was build between 1910 and 1913 at the initiative of King Carol I. The interior and the minaret are the main attractions for the tourists that visit the mosque. The minaret has 140 stairs that carry you towards a spectacular view above the sea, the Marina and the city. Be sure not to forget your camera in the hotel room!
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The Museum of National History and Archeology Constanta

Distance: 300 meters (4 minutes) The Museum of National History and Archeology is housed by an impressive historic building. That fact that it is the one of the richest museum in Romania and the second museum of history after the National Museum of History in Bucharest makes it an important tourist attraction. Nowadays the museum has a collection of more that 430.000 objects which date from the Paleolithic until the modern era. Amongst the exhibit objects you can admire some unique and invaluable pieces.
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The Aquarium of Constanta

Distance: 900 meters (10 minutes) The Aquarium of Constanta is situated near the Casino, on the seashore. Opened in 1958, the Aquarium of Constanta was for a long period of time the first and the sole museum of its kind in Romania. Inside the Aquarium you will discover parts of the wonderful aquatic life.
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The Greek Church of Metamorphosis

Distance: 200 meters (3 minutes) The story of the Greek Church started more than a century ago, when Dobrogea us still under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire. Its construction started in 1862 and marked the foundation of the first Christian edifice in Constanta. The church is housed by a small building which attracts the attention by its unique architectural style. The interior is decorated with precious objects like chandeliers with Murano glass, silver candlesticks brought from Constantinopol, a Gospel with silver covers and lots of icons hand-made between 1812 and 1870
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The Roman Edifice with Mosaic

Distance: 350 meters (5 minutes) The Roman Edifice with Mosaic is situated near the Museum of National History and Archeology and represents a monument with an important historic load that dates from the 4th century. An interesting fact is that in its glorious times the edifice represented the biggest construction of its kind in the entire Roman Empire. Its main purpose was to connect the ancient city of Tomis with the port and to facilitate the trading activities. The beauty of this place stays in each piece of mosaic that beat the time just to bring up a spectacular historic proof.
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The Museum of Romanian Folk Art

Distance: 50 meters (1 minute) The Museum of Romanian Folk Ar tis located few steps away from Peninsula. The museum is housed by a beautiful historic building, the museum has an impressive heritage made from more than 15000 pieces. Each of them illustrates the Romanian Folk culture from different areas of the country. In the museum you can admire collections of icons, ceramics, traditional clothes, rugs, fabrics, jewellery and other objects used by Romanian peasants.