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As Owners, we wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel, ensuring that we strive for all the services offered to be at your requirements. Internal regulations and rules of behaviour listed below are designed to establish the premises for the operation of the Boutique Peninsula Hotel in civilized conditions and according to the law.

This Regulation aims at setting conditions of stay of tourists in the hotel. It applies to all tourists who accept the very fact of their hotel accommodation and must abide without limits or reservations.

To allow us to carry out these wishes so that you come back to us with pleasure many times, please follow strictly the following rules of procedure:

-the rates varies depending on the type of room you choose, availability and chosen period; 
-all rooms have breakfast included for a minimum of 2 persons; 
-toate camerele au micul dejun inclus pentru minim 2 persoane;
-accommodation in the hotel is at the reception, from 18:00 showing the ID and to be recorded in hotel management system and to release the card for the booked room; Tourists will be accommodated in the hotelin accordance with the number of people specified on the voucher or with the invoice for accommodation booking. Accommodation in rooms for children will be allowed only after the confirmation of their age by ID proof. The payment of all costs of accommodation will be made at the reception upon arrival. Since taking up the card from the reception, the tourist is responsible for room in which he is accommodated.
There are no domestic refrigerators in the rooms, but only MINIBAR type hotel-type minibars, intended exclusively for the preservation of the mininatural drinks specific to this type of service. Mini-bar snacks are not able to keep food, more than this, they can not keep food for infants and young children.

Mini bar products are SURCHARGE.
The hotel has in each room safes with personal code entry. Please submit the values ​​you have with you in these boxes. Hotel administration is not responsible for items or valuables forgotten, lost, unattended or unprotected, wherever their disappearance occurs, in the hotel or outisde the perimeter of the property. No parking can be booked at reception as is a public parking. We recommend to park only in spaces and places clearly marked. No specific traffic signs should be ignored. Illegal parking fines entail the owner of the car and vehicle recovery tax raised by the competent authorities. The pick up of the car is not claimed at the hotel reception but 112 is called.

Free wireless internet connection is available in all rooms and public areas of the property, including hallways, restaurant and terrace. Being a free feature with certain technical limits, the speed and constant of the connection can not be guaranteed during periods of maximum demand. It is strictly forbidden pets anywhere within the perimeter of the property.

Guests must:

-do not damage the hotel arrangement or equipment, otherwise they owe the hotel the amount equal to the arrangement / the damaged object and related workmanship;
-do not take out any item from the Peninsula Boutique Hotel; -to keep quiet so as not to disturb the other tourists from 23:00 to 08:00; 
-do not use towels or linen sheets to: remove the dyed hair, for cleansing make up, clean the shoes, the suitcases, the floor, etc. Towels will be used for body use. If linen or towels damaged by inappropriate use of the tourist will be identified, they will be charged as damages and will be paid by the responsible tourist. Otherwise, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation of the tourist and evacuate it without refunding the value of the paid services;
-not enter without permission of the HOTEL in other rooms or spaces reserved for Hotel staff only;
-to announce the people coming to visit not being accommodated in Hotel Boutique Peninsula; 
Their entry in the hotel will be done only after the legitimacy at the hotel reception;
-do not leave the children unattended in any of the areas of the hotel; any accident caused by unsupervising the children within the hotel is not our responsability but the persons accompanying the children and are entrusted with their supervision;
- to announce as soon as possible any malfunction of the hotel facilities or installations;
Any accident resulting from the improper use of endowments or the use of the hotel facilities without complying with the appropriate security rules is not our responsability.
It is forbidden: food preparation and consumption in the room.
It is forbidden the access in the hotel with electrical consumers: heaters, radiators, kettles. After using the household appliances (iron, kettle) from the room, DO NOT forget to unplug them. Smoking is prohibited in rooms and other area of the hotel, except for specially designated areas. If this rule is not respected an € 100 fine is applied. It is forbidden to introduce into the hotel arms, weapons or substances tear. Under Romanian law, the consumption or sale of hallucinogenic or phisotrope substances is prohibited and punished; Garbage and household wastes must be disposed of in rubbish bins placed in the room or in specially designated area for garbage disposal; Do not throw in the toilet objects that could lead to damage to sewage collection station; The returning of the cards at the reception after the end of the reserved period will be done no later than 12 AM, after the check in by the hotel staff has been performed; Tourist / Guest is any person accomodated or who benefits from any service of Hotel Boutique Peninsula. For any destruction or damage to the property or failure to comply with the rules of cleanliness and quitness, measures will be taken accordingly and the sums relating to the repair of the damage incurred will be paid. This regulation meets the expectations of our Tourists / Guests. In case of non-observance, we reserve the right to forbid access to the hotel or to evacuate the tourists in question.

Services Schedule:

Breakfast can be served only between 07:30 till 10:30. À la carte Restaurant 07:30 - 02:00

Restaurant À la carte 07:30 - 02:00.

Claims and complaints:

Complaints about the quality of the provided tourist services will be made on the spot during the stay of the tourists in the hotel. Complaints made in any form after tourists' departure will not be considered by the Provider. The Provider is obliged to resolve any complaint received from clients related to services rendered within 24 hours of its submission.


Peninsula Boutique Hotel guarantees the security and confidentiality of all data hosted and transmitted through its information system. Your personal data may be transmitted to the authorities in charge of verifying commercial transactions or other authorities entitled to carry out any examination under the law if this is required in accordance with the law.


The Peninsula Boutique Hotel rates vary depending on the type of room you choose and the number of people.


Reservation is made through the following means:
-Telephone: 0738 656 496
-Fax: 0241 480 988
-Telephone: 0241 480 989


Unguaranteed reservations are detained by the hotel until 15:00 on the day of arrival, after which the hotel reserves the right to release the retired room without prior notice.
To be able to guarantee your reservation please send us a valid credit / debit card details. Rates includ:
- À la carte breakfast which is served daily from 7:30 to 10:30
- TVA (9%)
The payment is made in LEI/RON at the check in.


Check in starts from 18:00
Check out is until 12:00
*Arrival before 18:00 and departure after 12:00 will be honored by the hotel depending on its availability at that time.


Cancellation period of a reservation without charging penalties is 12:00 pm, 14 days prior to arrival. For cancellations made within a period less than 24 h or in case of no show, the first night accomodation is charged. In case of no-show, the hotel reserves the right to clear the room/rooms for the rest of the stay. For those who haven't booked previously, Peninsula Boutique Hotel doesn't guarantee availability of desired rooms required at the time. In order to make reservations, the clients will pay 50% of the total tourist services requested. Payment is based on the invoice issued by the hotel and sent by fax or e-mail after confirming the availability of the requested accommodation spaces. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit/debit card. The tourist is responsible for cheking the information listed in the bill in order to avoid any irregularities related to the services requested. The reservation is considered completed only after receiving the advance requested by our company.


Children up to 6 years stay free of charge.
We don't have extra beds.


The hotel reserves the right to authorize credit cards prior to client arrival.

Thank you for understanding and wish you a pleasant stay!